Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chicken & Soup: 3 Ways.

Sometimes, I make up foods in my head. I sit in a restaurant and think - man, if they'd put x and that y together, it would be a perfect dish. I'm not sure what it was last night, but I decided to bring to life one of my imaginations, and that was chicken flavoured rice with chicken.

Okay, does that sound gross? Bare with me. 

1. Chicken Noodle Soup
A few weeks ago, I made my first chicken noodle soup - I boiled chicken thighs in some stock, threw in some ginger, salt, chilli and peppers (see an explanation of my unconventional seasoning techniques in this post) and cooked the chicken. 20 minutes later, I threw in some baby corns, carrots, string beans, broccoli and mushrooms and later, the noodles. It was good.

Upon trial and error, I've discovered the complete uselessness of the stock. So ditch that, and if you'd like, replace it with some soy sauce.

A great option for the flu-ed, and generally a classic.

2. Chicken Soup Rice
But I'm a rice kinda gal. In fact, I LOVE rice and you will see me pick fried rice over chow mein any day of the week. So I recently adapted this well-loved concept of chicken noodle soup (with no soda on the side..), and turned it into a rather confusing chicken soupy rice?

Basically what I did was boil the rice with the soup, and mixed in the chicken and veg. It was gorgeois. The thing that I love about this dish is that there's lots of flavours going on (especially the ginger, mmm!), but it's still easy and has no added oils whatsoever! As a student, it also helps that chicken thighs are generally cheaper than breasts, and being the disgusting slightly bloke-like woman that I am, I love chicken skin. Bonus.

3. Chicken Soup
Roll on lunch time the next day, and if your boyfriend is off playing sports for the weekend, you've got 2 chicken thighs left - what do you do? You make more soup! If you're feeling naughty, splash in some sesame oil. Dunk it in with the above ingredients (throw veg in if you have any left - I did, but was obviously being a bit of an airhead) and it's the perfect amount for lunch :)


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  1. I love boiling chicken and having lovely soup! Loving all your great ideas on using chicken thighs - they always come in such big packs! What a pain!

    Yinyin xx